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Helios Stratos Ltd. Yachts
Our sailing yachts for you to choose

The spacious and modern sailing yachts

The spacious and modern sailing yachts offer not only expected, satisfactory sailing enjoyment, but also spacious cabins with a huge storage space and space to relax. The yachts vary in size 3-4 cabins with 2 berths and 1-3 spacious bathrooms. A fully equipped kitchen with additional sleeping place in the living area is standard equipment.


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Recognized Certificates in Croatia

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Bavaria 36 C

“Adora” (2013)

Bavaria 39 C

“Lola” (2007)

Bavaria 40 C

“Spirit of Styria” (2013)

Bavaria 46 C

“Sun of Life” (2015)

Bavaria 46 C

“Lula” (2016)

Bavaria 46 C

“Yabadu” (2018)

Bali 4.0

“Private bay” (2018)

Bali 4.1

“Private Island I” (2019)

Bali 4.1

“Private Beach” (2019)

Fountain Pajot Elba 45

“Elba 45” (2022)

Sun Odyssey 449

”3 Amigos” (2018)

Bavaria C50 Style

Dragonfly (2023)

Bavaria C38

Alegría (2024)

Nautitech 40 Open

Jangada (2015)


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